Who was Charlie?

Charlie’s FreeWheels found its inspiration in a great friend, Charles Prinsep.


Charlie was a deeply generous person, a conscientious environmentalist, an artist and an urban explorer. Riding a bike, rain or shine, was one of many individual decisions that he made to support a more sustainable environment. He was a strong advocate for the accessibility and safety of cycling in our city. Charlie viewed bikes as a means of personal transportation, but also as works of art and a tool for great physical challenge. Perhaps most importantly, bikes offered Charlie a way to explore every nook and cranny of the city he loved so much. Struck by a car on a cross-continental cycling journey in 2007, Charlie only lived to the age of 23.


Inspired by his ideals, we hope to foster urban access and a spirit of exploration in Toronto’s youth. Having a bike and the skills to maintain it provides a sense of empowerment.


We believe that Charlie’s FreeWheels is a project that Charlie would have been proud of.